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“Send me what you want” [prompt]

February 15, 2014

Every year Kim puts out a call for prompts for love poems for Valentine’s day. Every year, I steal her idea. Here’s Kim’s prompt and what I wrote.


Kim’s prompt: “send me what you want”


Send me anything you want
Your cat’s fur, the one that passed away
Old love post-its
The kind he’d leave for you
On the door, the bed frame
On your bathroom mirror

Send me your father’s hopes,
Your mother’s dreams
The ones you fear you’ll never live up to

Send me the pennies
You pick out of your change
The ones you waste no wishes on anymore

Send me those old slippers,
The ones you never wear
The last gift your grandmother gave you
The ones you keep, even though they don’t fit

Send me what you want
A reminder of those days when you would
Call that diner by my apartment
Order me coffee, and juice
Food for those days I couldn’t get out of bed
Afraid to comb my hair
And go to work

Send me something,
Some news
Let me know how you’re doing

I am tired of wondering,
Of being afraid to ask
Send me a letter
Your words
To calm this aching sadness
To close the gap of
These few years between us


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