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seaside gusts of wind/and a house in which we don’t live

February 19, 2013

Kim’s prompt: rock – salt – bitterness

Rock salt

Eats into leather if you let it

Breaks down the

Skin of dead things

Lets water in

Fades the black to grey

But it will keep your

Boots on the ground

Your feet on the concrete

You won’t go



Into the cold

The ice hasn’t got a chance to

Drag you down

The car you drive

The one you push forward with your foot

Encased in rotting leather

Will lurch forward

It will slip over

Wet streets

It will send out mud and dirty snow

It will get us where we need to go

In one piece


When we get there

You will push coffee covered fingers into my mouth

And tell me

“I’m sorry. It’s me. I’m not a person.”

You will say this as your fingers reach deeper into my mouth

As they caress my tongue

As they jam into my throat

Cutting off my breath

Leaving a bitter taste

In my mouth


Then you will leave me out in the cold

Alone, in a strange place

Wondering what I did wrong


I am still wondering



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