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Writing Prompts: Photographs, Infection, Bad Advice [January 16, 2013]

January 16, 2013

Did some writing with the Olives today. Here are three of the prompts.





Aging on the wall

Reminding me of your face

One eye bloodshot

Head in your hands


For my name, your voice

Asking if

I have children yet

“Mi nieta”, you tell the others

in the home.

The others who are forgotten

Seen only on weekends

Days off

When enough time

Can be scraped together

Stolen from the rest of the


Time enough to

Sit and stay with ghosts

Pictures that tell us

Of the blood we share

Reminding me of my secret shame

“When will you see your grandmother?”, he asks

“Soon”, I say

When I find the courage to

Steal time

Reverse fate

Be better than I am.




Sneaking into the bloodstream

A pin-prick

of introduction

And then you are

Down for the count

The body horror

The body as horror

The body A horror

The bo-dy

A whore

opening itself up to

The worst of the worst

Rubbing shoulders

And knuckles

With any sweat-stained


It can

Grab hold of


The body lies

Tells jokes

Plays tricks

On the unsuspecting mind

Tells you

“I’m hungry!” “I’m lonely!”

“Why won’t you feed me?”




To get your attention

Hair falling out

Your sweat smelling

Of sickness

Until you give in

You feed it

You assuage its lonliness

You open it up

Cracking the sternum to expose

The soft parts

Wait for it to corrode

To rot

To spike a fever

Burst a vessel



“A man gave me bad advice”


A man gave me bad advice

He said, if you love something

let it go

He didn’t say

You have to fight. You have to bleed.

He did not say

Sometimes you must steal and lie

and break hearts

He did not say

Sometimes the thing you love

Belongs to another

And you’ve got to take it from


like an angry toddler

like a jezebel

He said, if you love something

let it go

He did not say

You must be the man, men have

forgotten how to do it themselves

A man gave me bad advice.

He said


He said


He said

Seek elsewhere

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