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you never said a word to me about what passed between us

May 18, 2012

I thought you should know that I know. I know you don’t think about me. I know you don’t read my words, don’t breathe my name. I know you don’t miss me. I know you don’t want the chaos I offered you. I know you have a life, a safe one. I know it’s yours.

And I know it’s for the best. I’m not the person you need by your side. You’re not the man I need to see me through. We wouldn’t have done each other much good.

But I think about you. I breathe your name. I almost miss you. I think about sliding into a cool bed beside you, offering respite. I think about telling you my secrets, the things no one can wheedle out of me.

I know this will go away. I don’t want it inside of me. I won’t hold on to it. You’ll be someone I used to know. (Someone I barely knew)

But I thought you should know.

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